What To Note About Solicitors

Solicitors are the people who are involved in advising the clients, drafting the documents and pleadings for these clients, but use the assistance of the advocates in appearing in the court instead of the customer.

They are known for their ability to cover large clientele compared to the advocates who only handle a limited number of customers because they are involved in advising and appearing in the court proceedings for them. When it comes to advising the customers on a wide range of legal matters, solicitors are the most preferred.

Also, solicitors are the most preferred for drafting corporate documentation for different deals, negotiations, and transactions. Mostly, the solicitors carry out their tasks on a retainer basis for the large businesses in compensation for a handsome remuneration.  Since they are only involved in advising the clients, it becomes easier for them to serve many clients and handle their issues on a steady basis.

Usually, commercial customers require the advice of the solicitors on matters relating to finance, tax, litigation, and property.  For private clients, their work normally entails personal legal matters like custody, property conveyance, wills, and divorce.

For any solicitor to provide effective work, he/she needs to possess a wide range of skills like good communications skills, ability to develop good working relationships with the clients, drafting, and deep understanding and interpretation of the different legal issues. Every solicitor must be in a position of working in close collaboration with the clients, focus his/her attention to details and be ready to work for long hours.

Moreover, every solicitor must possess initiative and good judgment ability to with any complex information. A good deal of patience is another trait the solicitors need to embrace since they might be required to advise the layman clients on the contrary barristers who argues on the courts encounter with the judges who are well experienced in the legal aspects of the issue under concern.

How to differentiate between a Barrister and Solicitor

You can define a solicitor as an experienced legal professional who is in a position of providing support and expert legal advice to the clients. A solicitor on the Gold Coast can either be a public sector organisation, private companies, an individual people or groups. After the solicitor takes instructions from the client, he/she advises on the necessary legal action to be taken as per their legal areas of expertise.

On the other hand, a barrister is a person involved in providing specialist legal advice and representing the organisations and individual people in the tribunals and courts and through written legal advice.   Generally, barristers are hired by the solicitors in constituting a case in the court and only present themselves whenever there is a need for advocacy before the court.

The barristers are essentially involved in translating the view of the events of the client into legal arguments and then make persuasive representations, which end up obtaining the best result for their customers.

Finally, for one to be a solicitor, he/she must complete three clerkship years with a senior solicitor and also pass the examination for a solicitor.  Mostly, the solicitor exams consist of six papers covering subjects that fall under General Acts, Commercial Laws, Taxation, Conveyancing, Corporate Law, and Practice and Procedure. You can only be recognised as a certified solicitor by showing in-depth knowledge of all the involved legal topics.

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