Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

When one considers what a perfect leader should be like, the first impression you get is of someone who is in control at all times. Maybe someone who can be relied upon by the staff. Someone who is easy to talk to and always makes informed decisions.

All the above mentioned are considered abilities belonging to someone who is emotionally intelligent. It is extremely necessary for leaders to be emotionally intelligent. The following are a few reason why emotional intelligence is considered necessary for leadership.

God leaders practice self-awareness

Anyone with some degree of self-awareness knows how they feel and how their own emotions can affect those around them. For a leader it is important to be self-aware. They should portray their emotions in a positive manner and offer constructive criticism rather than trying intimidation techniques. Someone like this makes sure they behave with humility and are aware of their own strength and weakness.

The right leaders regulate their behaviour

Leaders who ensure self-regulatory behaviour hardly verbally attack others. They do not make rushed emotional decisions and do not stereotype people. They make sure that they stay in control of themselves and the situation. Such leaders are aware of their values. They know when they will never compromise and what they actually hold important. When this is the case one wouldn’t think twice when it comes to make the right moral and ethical choice. They do not let any situation ruffle them a great deal and remain calm in all situations.

Self-motivated leaders set high standards for themselves

Leaders who are self-motivated work consistently for achieving their goal. They begin by setting high goals for themselves. Also their consistency and effort has a positive impact o their employs as well. They share their vision with the team and motivate them to do better and become more productive.

The impact of emotional intelligence on employees

Listening and communicating with employees using emotional intelligence is a skill which all leaders in an organisation should be aware of. It make it easier to gauge the feelings of the employees and use the right mean to channel those thoughts towards positivity. A positive work environment can do wonders for the progression of a company. Happy employees are more productive. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and they know that their leaders re always there to help them move forward.

It also helps the management to understand the personalities of all those working under them. This knowledge would help them deflect conflicts amongst the staff and keep the negativity away.

If you are interested in checking how you ran in emotional intelligence there are certain quizzes offered by different business schools which would help you see where you stand in the five ore competencies required for emotional intelligence. However, if your score is not exactly towards the higher end, you shouldn’t worry. There are several exercises, workshops and seminars which can help you tap into your emotional intelligence.

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