What To Look For In The Ideal Business Function Venue

Whatever your upcoming business function or special celebration, you have to make sure you find the perfect venue to hold your event. This article shows you what to look for in the perfect business function venue, so that you can craft a memorable event, be it a business conference, a cocktail event, a business dinner, a gala dinner or a evening seminar.

The first thing you have to do is to estimate the number of guests that are going to attend your event. This should allow you to seek for a venue to accommodate all of these people, without being too expensive. The guest capacity is the first detail you need to look for when searching for the ideal venue.

The style of the venue is another thing you can’t afford to overlook. It should cater to the type of event you intend to host. Many business function venues offer a cocktail style setting, thanks to its excellent versatility and flexibility. For more formal events you might need a specialist function centre, but for more relaxed occasions going with a pub like the Tradewinds Hotel might result in a better atmosphere.

The location is of utmost importance. A remote and difficult to access venue may put off many of your guests. Your delegates should be able to find and access your venue with ease. If you have out of town guests, you may want to pick a venue that’s in the close neighbourhood of some well known landmark. This could help you market your business function as a great opportunity to explore the city and to visit its most important museums, cultural landmarks and attractions. Furthermore, you have to ensure the venue is very well connected to public transport and that it has good parking facilities.

Catering is yet another detail you can’t afford to ignore when searching for the ideal business function venue. As most venues offer catering services, your task is to match their offer with your specific needs in terms of offering your guests a good selection of food and drinks. A live chef station could make an interesting way to add some interactivity to your event.

The wi-fi and tech facilities should offer your delegates easy access to the internet and to their favourite social media networks. Some of them may want to broadcast live throughout the most important sessions, so you have to make sure they will be able to so it without incidents. Before hiring any venue, you should check their equipment and their facilities, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In case of big business conferences, some of the international and out-of-town delegates may need to find accommodation for several days. If this is your case, you’ll have to make sure your chosen venue is close to some good hotels or accommodation options.

As you can see, there are many considerations to think about when choosing the most suitable business function venue. For best results, you may want to outsource this work to experts. By hiring a PR expert to help you with this research work, you can increase your chances to find the perfect venue and to host a successful and memorable event.…

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Renting VS Buying Your Transport Equipment For Businesses

If you are planning a major move for your business, perhaps to a different office across town, you will need to have transport equipment to get you there. This can come in the form of a van, truck, or something even larger. It just depends on the amount of merchandise that you have to transition from one location to the next. There is often a question that many people have about obtaining this transport equipment. The will think about either renting or purchasing the equipment that they need. Here are the steps that you need to take in order to determine which option would be best suited for your particular situation.

Why You Might Consider Renting This Equipment

One of the main reasons that people will rent this equipment is that they are making a one time move. They are only going to need the equipment for what could be a day or two, and they will likely never use it again. For example, if they have a large office where they are moving all of their business equipment and supplies, as well as the furniture, they will only need to use this equipment for a short period of time. You can rent trucks, vans, and all of the moving equipment that you need. This would likely be the most cost effective option.

Why You May Want To Purchase This Equipment Instead Of Renting It

This is an option that only a few companies will consider doing. Part of that reason has to do with the substantial nature of the move itself. For example, you may have a large company, one that has many satellite locations. You may find that you are moving for what could amount to be several weeks. In addition to this, depending upon the type of business that you have, you may actually need transport equipment regularly. You might be making deliveries with some of the items that you are selling, but you are currently short on these delivery vehicles. As a result of that, you may want to consider purchasing everything that you need for transporting items so that you can continue to use it once your move is done.

How To Find Companies That Can Sell Or Rent This Equipment To You For Less

You can obtain this equipment for a very low rate if you are going to rent. It will take a little bit of time which will involve getting estimates from the different companies that provide these rental services. Over the course of the next few days, these estimates will come in. Those with the lowest prices are typically top contenders for your business. On the other hand, if you are going to buy it, you need to follow the same logic. Multiple estimates from companies that sell this equipment need to be sent to you as soon as possible. Once you have looked at how much they are going to charge for the transport equipment that you need to purchase, the one that has the lowest prices on this equipment are the ones that you will want to use.

It is much more common for people to rent this equipment from companies because they are typically only going to use this one time. However, if you are going to be making deliveries with products that you are selling to people in your community, or the new community where you will soon be, you may want to invest in the trucks and vans that you will need for this move coming up. Based upon this assessment, you should understand which choice will be best for you.…

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Practical Tips For Keeping Your Business IT Systems Secure

Your business IT systems play a vital role in ensuring that day to day operations continue effortlessly and uninterrupted. Any attack on this vital infrastructure is bound to have adverse effects on the operation of the entity. This makes it vital for all business owners to integrate effective security measures meant to protect their entity’s IT systems from different threats.

Over the last few years, an increasing number of small businesses have fallen victim to hacking, losing valuable information, and resultantly spending huge sums of money to recover. Here is a breakdown of some useful tips you can employ to keep your business IT systems secure.

Company Culture

Making security part of your entity’s culture will definitely go a long way in helping keep your IT systems secure. It’s worth noting that security breaches usually come about as a result of complacency.

As such it is important to keep your staff accurately and comprehensively informed about the different security threats they have to guard against while delivering on their daily duties. Each member of the staff should also have a clear understanding of the part they play in ensuring that the organization’s security protocols are upheld at all times. This can be done through regular meetings and training sessions.

Background Checks

IT security breaches are not limited to online hacking cases only. It is possible for dishonest employees to facilitate IT breaches by colluding with outsiders and granting them access to the system or disabling IT security measures from within, leaving the system unprotected.

To guard against such possibilities, it is recommended that you take the time to conduct comprehensive background checks on all employees before making a hiring decision.


Passwords are used to control access to various parts of the IT system. To ensure that they are effective, it is recommended that you ensure that each one is strong enough; strong passwords use letters, numbers and symbols.

Furthermore, it is important to avoid handing total access to one person. Each password should only grant the holder access to a specific part of the system, in line with their duties. In case you have a document holding all the passwords, it’s recommended that you encrypt it and secure it with its own specific password as well.


Installing the right security software will go a long way in keeping hackers out of your system. Instead of simply buying one of the available readymade solutions, you can partner with a software company and get them to custom fit a managed network security service to your entity’s specific requirements.

All software used should be updated every time a new update is available. Software updates, especially security software updates, come with enhanced capabilities designed to identify and keep out new threats and older threats that come with new changes.


Backing up your system is a major part of securing it, and the information stored therein. In case the worst happens and your existing system collapses as a result of hacking or the occurrence of any other identified risk, you can use the existing backup to get things up and running as soon as possible.

Putting the above tips into practice will help you better secure your organization’s IT systems against the existing and emerging risks.…

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Online Marketing: What Makes A Highly Converting Business Website?

There are many different factors that go into making a highly converting business website. It can often take business owners a lifetime to learn all of the secrets of lead generation and achieving high website conversion rates. However, everyone has to start someone, so we spoke to Perth web design company Dux Digital to get some top tips for increasing your websites’ visitor-to-customer conversion rates.


It might sound simple, but how fast a site loads and how easy it is to navigate can have a big impact on sales. A website that is difficult to use or fails to load in a visitor’s mobile browser will negatively impact the reputation of your business. Many people refuse to buy any products or services from a business that can’t even run a professional, functioning website.

Multimedia Content

People can easily get bored reading huge walls of text, so it’s important to have some content that is easier to digest on your site. This content could take the form of infographics, photograph, diagrams, audio clips, and videos. Videos are a particularly effective marketing tool, as provided they are well-scripted and shot, you can convey a lot of information in a short amount of time in an entertaining way.

Social Media Integration

Seamless integration with all of the biggest social media platforms is essential in 2018. At the very least, you should have links to your business’s Facebook and Twitter profile pages on your website. Ideally, you should make it so visitors can use their social media accounts to share and comment on your site’s content. If your website makes use of the WordPress platform, you will find that there are many great social media integration add-ons available to online businesses. These add-ons make it easy to incorporate social media network functionality into your website.

Interactive Content

Interactive content, such as online polls, quizzes and competitions can be a great way to increase engagement on your website. Online polls can be a great way to get new visitors to make a second visit to your website, as after voting, they will want to know the results when the poll ends, so are more likely to bookmark your website. Competitions can be a great way to get visitors to buy products. For example, if you sell pet products, you could run a competition where visitors have to submit funny photos of their pets using one of the products on your website for a chance to win a gift voucher. While most people will buy the lowest priced item on your site, once they have made a purchase, you have their contact details.

Live Chat

Implementing a live chat box on your website can increase sales tenfold. Customers browsing your website can get real-time answers to any questions they have about your company’s products and services. What’s more, you can train live chat agents to upsell when they are engaging with potential customers and thus increase revenue.

Hopefully, you found the top tips above helpful and now have some ideas as to where to start when it comes to designing a highly converting business website.…

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How to Improve Morale in the Workplace By Using Awards

Would you like to boost morale in the workplace? When the employees feel like they’re appreciated and are being rewarded for the effort they’re making at work, they’re often willing to work a lot harder and get even more done because the rewards often motivate them to do even better. The best way to boost morale is to come up with a rewards system where each employee gets noticed for the work they’ve completed.

Milestone Rewards

Start by coming up with different milestone rewards you can hand out to employees who’ve reached small, attainable goals. Even if they’re relatively new or don’t have as much experience as some of the other employees, you don’t want to leave them out when rewarding others for their hard work, especially if these newer employees are giving it their all and working as hard as possible to get stuff done. Not sure what to hand out as milestone rewards? There are a few different items you should consider giving to these employees.

When an employee reaches a specific milestone, you may want to have a small trophy engraved with their name and the reason for the award on the front of it. In addition to this small trophy (from somewhere like http://www.trophyspecialists.com.au/), you may want to give them a gift card to one of many places, such as Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks, where they’ll get to grab some coffee or breakfast before work if they want to.

Reaching Goals Rewards

While it’s good to reward employees for reaching small milestones, it’s even better to reward those who’ve been working extremely hard and have reached numerous goals because the effort they’re putting in is helping the business succeed. Instead of handing out small trophies, you may want to give these individuals larger engraved trophies or plaques as well as additional rewards, such as a flat screen television, laptop, or vacation getaway. Employees love receiving surprises and these surprises would be the types of rewards they wouldn’t forget.

It’s often better to give a gift than to just give cash. When you’re giving an employee a physical gift, such as a flat screen television or laptop, they’re going to think about your business each time they’re using that item. When people ask them where they purchased their laptop or television from, they’ll likely tell their loved ones about how they received it as a gift at work for their hard work and determination, which will make them feel good about themselves.

Rewarding your employees is important. If you don’t have an awards system in place, now is the time to figure out what you can do to show them how much you appreciate the effort they’re putting in to get their work done. The employees are the people who help the business achieve success, so they deserve any bit of recognition they can get. Handing out engraved trophies and assorted rewards to people based on the goals they’ve reached is a great way to show appreciation and boost morale in the workplace with ease.…

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Which is better: Brick and Mortar OR Online Business?

If you talked about having a business around a decade ago, one of the things that would be considered is where you would have your business stand. Spotting a good location for the business is an integral part in its survival. However, as the years passed things were no longer as cut and dried.

The internet revolution brought about new options to consider for businesses owners. The internet made it highly possible to run a business without having a brick and mortar location. With that being the case, the question is now: which is better?

Brick and Mortar

Having a physical location always carries several benefits and risks:


When a business has a physical location, it is easier for clients to believe in its credibility. After all, opening a physical location takes time, effort, and a lot of money. It is easier to believe that a business is legitimate when they have an actual store to represent them.

High Overhead

Like we mentioned above, physical locations cost a lot of money. If you do not have your own building, you will have to rent out a location. Renting a location means that there will be utilities that go along with it.

Online Business

It is not uncommon to hear of online stores in the world today. It also comes with its own benefits and risks:

Intensive Marketing

As there is no physical store to announce its presence, online businesses really need to step up their marketing. However, as it is online the marketing should also come a little bit easier with the help of social media.

Low Overhead

Online businesses do not have to worry about paying rent. What is need is a place to store the product. Usually these are just kept in the home of the business owner.

Which is better?

To be honest, in terms of practicality it would best to go with an online store. A lot of self-made entrepreneurs have made a name for themselves through online means. What would be wise is to start with an online business and then build up into having a physical store.

After all, who says that you can utilize both?

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Good Boss, Bad Boss: Things You Should Know as a Leader

When you are the owner of a business, you are the leader. As a leader, there are several things that you should know. Here are some of them:

Communication Matters

When you are a business owner with employees, miscommunication must be avoided at all costs. A lot of issues that arise are primarily because of bad management. If the leader is too strict, the employees are highly stressed and are prone to make mistakes. If the leader is too lax, employees often take advantage of that and production drops.

A leader must be able to firmly communicate without coming off as too harsh. Even when an employee is underperforming, it is important to listen and communicate. If you simply dismiss them, the problem will only fester.

Trust Your Instinct

When you feel something is off, chances are there actually IS something that is off. A business is all about careful planning, luck, and intuition. A leader must be able make decisions based on fact and feeling. While you solely should not base everything on your gut instinct, you must listen to it and factor it into your decision making.

Cultivate Your Employees

While it can be easy to develop favorites in your business, it is important that you always maintain a line of professionalism between yourself and them. As a leader, it is critical that you be able to carefully cultivate the growth of your employees.

Employees are the lifeblood of a business. It is important to guide your employees to their best potential. In the same vein, it is crucial that bosses are able to made difficult decisions when it comes to employees.

When it comes to being a boss, a proper balance needs to be struck. Your employees are always looking to you to be the most stable one of the bunch. If a boss gets frazzled at the slightest sign of problems, how are they supposed to trust that your business will stay afloat for a long time?…

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Three Smart Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Business Competitors

In the world of business, everything can seem quite cutthroat but that is how businesses survive. It is entirely preferable to be in harmony with other businesses but that is an idealists approach to things. When you run a business, it is critical that you perceive things with a realist’s perspective.

In order for your business to stay alive, it is important to stay ahead of your competitors. Here are three smart ways to do so:

Understand Your Market

When you run a business, it can be easy to place all the emphasis on the product. This is something that I personally believed around the first few years of my own journey. However, what is highly important is that you truly understand who your product is direct toward.

It is, after all, the clients that will determine the success of your business. When you are attuned towards the needs of your customers, it will be easy to adjust your services in terms of offerings, deals, and prices.

Invest in Your Marketing

Clients will not know that you are a better option if you do not make an effort to show them that you are. You can get the word out through your marketing. Carefully planned and effectively handled marketing can really improve things for business.

If you are not familiar with the latest marketing trends, do not hesitate to get help. It may cost you a bit of money but it is something that is worth investing in.

Care for the Clients You Already Have

In the world of today, reputation is everything. Social media has made it a lot easier for customers to leave reviews for businesses and products. Learn from the examples of Elon Musk and listen to your clients. When you get a complaint, handle it with grace and attend to the issue in the soonest possible opportunity. Never overlook any opportunity to turn a bad review into a glowing one.

Utilizing the three tips above can help you really get an edge over the competitors that you presently have.…

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Last week Federal Member for Berowra the Hon. Philip Ruddock MP hosted St Agatha’s Primary School, Pennant Hills, at Parliament House in Canberra. After touring the upper levels of the house and viewing the chamber Mr Ruddock fielded questions from the inquisitive group ranging from how many years he’d been in Parliament to what it is he does there.

“I think the class were extremely interested to know about the design of the building and just how big the flag on top of the Parliament is” said Ruddock.

“I was very pleased with their willingness to learn, and explained the importance of democracy in our country and their right to vote, especially after I explained how important the right to vote was in other countries such as South Africa in 1994”.…

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Federal Member for Berowra the Hon. Philip Ruddock MP joined Arcadia Public School at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra to lay a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. During the visit they were fortunate enough to have the Director of the War Memorial Dr Brendan Nelson address students, teachers and parents about the importance of the memorial and what exactly they are commemorating.

“I think the students were most taken aback about the fact that at their ages of 11 and 12, there were soldiers only 2 years older that lost their lives to defend the freedoms we enjoy today” Mr Ruddock said.…

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