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For a lot of brands and businesses, advertising is an afterthought. A common belief is that ‘word of mouth’ is enough. This is quite far from the truth. While word of mouth is one way to get consumers and clients to know that you exist, this is hardly the most effective method.

In the world we have today, online advertising is the most effective way. As such, I would like to announce that Ruddock MP is open to host your online ads. These are the types of ads that this blog accepts:


Nothing catches the eyes of clients like well-made banners. This blog accepts banners of various sizes. We can discuss where you would like your banner placed and how long you would like it up.

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There is nothing quite like having an article that elaborates more about your product. While banners are highly effective in capturing consumer engagement, it is ultimately information that they need. They can get this from reading about articles that provide suitable added details.

There are other online ad options that this blog runs. If you believe that you would like to run your ads with Ruddock MP or find out other options, you can get in touch with me through

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